Dr. Francis Munangi Mpindu – PhD

Dispute & Conflict Resolution happens everyday in our lives. In homes, workplace, places of worship even schools. Being equipped with the tools to help resolve disputes and conflicts, you become a peace maker.

This program is taught by Dr. Francis Munangi Mpindu is the author of the successful book “Community Policing: the Path to Healthier Relationships… a Police Chaplain’s Perspective” In this book, he invites the COMMUNITY & the POLICE into a journey of discovering one another, and creating a new culture of relating to each other in healthier ways.

Dr. Mpindu is a graduate of Harare Theological College (Harare, Zimbabwe), Daystar University College (Nairobi, Kenya), Prairie College (Three Hills, Alberta), Trinity Western University (Langley, British Columbia), University of Ottawa & St. Paul University (Ottawa, Ontario), York University (Toronto, Ontario), and the University of Pretoria, South Africa where he earned a PhD in Humanities (Philosophy & Ethics). His professional training also includes certified alternative dispute & conflict resolution (mediation, negotiation), certified life coach, certified workplace fairness analysis, certified grief edu therapy (emotional wellness), narrative trauma therapy, and decolonial processes.

He has had numerous opportunities to work with and equip different leaders in various contexts around the world including the Philippines, Jamaica, South Africa, Botswana, India, Uganda, Zimbabwe, and Canada’s First Nations in Alberta, northern Saskatchewan, and northern Ontario. He has a wealth of experience, drawing from his over 20 years of being in senior leadership and management positions in different workplaces, including not-for-profit organizations. Among his other involvements in the community, Dr. Mpindu serves on various boards of organizations and is a Chaplain with York Regional Police (for 18 years) and a Police & Community Relations Consultant with police jurisdictions globally.

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