1. Bible. We believe that the Bible is the Word of God; without error as originally written.  Its content has been preserved by Him, and is the final authority in all matters of doctrine and faith-above all human authority.
  2. God.  We believe there is no God but one:  the infinite Designer, Creator, and Sustainer of all existence in this or any universe-from eternity past to eternity future.  God’s nature is triune-three perfect and eternal persons; Father, Son, and Holy Spirit-who are one, in being as well as in purpose.
  3. Law.  We believe God is the source of all moral and natural law.  The highest and all-encompassing law, given to man, is to love the one true God above all else.
  4. Man.  We believe that man is a created, finite being; designed in the image of God, with the ability to reason, make choices, and have relationships.  Man was created for the purpose of bringing glory to God, but since the day man first rebelled against God’s law, all mankind has been sinful by nature, and has earned the penalty of death and eternal separation from God.
  5. Jesus.  We believe that God, the Son, entered the world as a man to die on the cross on our behalf; a sinless sacrifice in full payment of all our sin-both past and future-satisfying the demand of God’s perfect justice.  Jesus rose from the grave; authenticating His divine identity, as our living Prophet, Priest, and King.
  6. Forgiveness.  Based upon the penalty paid at the cross, we believe that the forgiveness of sins is granted by grace alone to those who will receive it by faith alone.   It must be received as an utterly undeserved gift or it cannot be received at all; because all the credit and glory are Christ’s alone.
  7. Repentance. We turn (repent) from self-reliance for our salvation, to trusting alone in the completed work of Jesus upon the cross to purchase the perfect pardon of all our sin, forever.
  8. Works. We believe in doing good works in grateful response to our pardon, not to cause it.  From our faith, acts of response will flow such as: obedience, compassion, baptism, communion, prayer, etc.
  9. Inheritance. As believers, we are Christ’s true church, and have consequently received many other spiritual blessings, including: reconciliation and friendship with a Holy God, the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, adoption as children of God into His family, and eternal life now and in His kingdom.
  10. Deception. We also acknowledge the existence of the great counterfeiter of prophecy, miracles, emotions, and feelings: Satan.  Therefore, we take seriously God’s command to test all these things